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Controlled Substance Tracking (TraxWorx)

PhaRmLogs is the parent copany of TraxWorx, which is a complete controlled substance tracking system that is flexible enough to track every single vial when it enters the EMS operations or track by counts.  Learn more...

Vehicle/Equipment Checkout Logs

PhaRmLogs Vehicle Checkout Module documents the checkouts of vehicles while making notifications when something is wrong with a vehicle. Learn more...

Station Supply Module

Order station supplies with our supply module. Set up like a shopping cart, it's easy to order what you need for the station. Learn more...

PhaRmLogs Vehicle Logs

Vehicle Logs

Keep track and get alerts of any issues regarding your fleet.

PhaRmLogs Equipment Logs

Repair/Service Ticket Module

Generate & Track repair/service of vehicles/station/equipment.

Custom Check Forms

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Checkout Forms

Vehicle & Equipment checks are linked to the Vehicle & Equipment logs.

PhaRmLogs Narcotics Tracking Software

Narcotics Tracking

Full vial tracking  when the drug enters your operations.  Detailed history of each vial from when it enters service to it's end of service.

PhaRmLogs Controlled Substance Tracking

Transaction Logs

Replacing paper logs, records every movement of each vial.

PhaRmLogs Narcotics Tracking

Alerts/Reminders System

Provides robust tools to remind medics to sign the log. Alerts admins of expiring drugs, broken vials and low stock. Roster integrated.

Professional Support Solutions Professional Services

Solution Provider & Integration

PhaRmLogs offers full support of the application along with customized programming services to integrate with your RMS and ePCR software.

PhaRmLogs Narcotics Tracking

Mobile Friendly

PhaRmLogs adjusts to your device. No downloading new versions nor maintaining the application based on operating system.

Narcotics Tracking Software Smart Label System

Smart Label System

With smart labels, users can scan the vials to perform inventories, restock and even document the administration of a drug.

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Drug Tracking Module
EMS Checkouts Module
Vehicle Logs Module  
Vehicle Checkouts Module
Equipment Logs
Station Supply Module  
Service Ticket System    


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